Welcome to the train station.

Excuse the mess.

I have been writing in different places for a long time. On napkins, for history websites, on scrunched up receipts and in torn apart journals, for a couple of degrees and for a couple of pop culture blogs and websites; I will litter any and all surroundings with as many of my words as I can, if you’ll let me. Serious or silly, factual or just pure fiction; whatever you take, I’ll give.

I edit words, too. Previously the Senior Editor of entertainment and pop culture site The Valkyries, and also the previous editor and proof-reader of academic papers – if I’m not writing then I’m making sure others are (accurately). Currently? I work in a library and I scrape together poems on those napkins and notebooks. I’ll just keep the decent ones here.

Promising anything thematic would feel disingenuous. This is a station on such a wild thoroughfare that you might see most things, but rarely one type of thing. Films, sad times, books, happy times, television, the in-between times. “Portfolio” feels pretentious and “online diary” feels worse. It’s a collection, if you like. It’s a really bad anthology. Words are what I live for. I’m pretty sure they always will be.